Anubis Suede

Anubis Suede Slab Photo
Anubis Suede Detail Photo

Anubis Suede is made by Silestone Quartz in Spain.  This black quartz offers a galactic speckling of silvery grey/white flecks with a soft suede touch. This quartz is available in 3cm thickness and a suede finish. Standard slab size is 63″x128″. While Supplies last, please check with the Sales Department for availability.

*Please note that these photos serve as a general representation of the movement and color of the stone and are not necessarily of the slab that will be used in your project. Each slab is unique and we suggest that customers always view their material in person. Please work with your designer to determine pricing and availability of material.

Clean & Care

Clean quartz surfaces with a neutral cleaner or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. For stains that harden as they dry, such as food or gum, gently scrape it off the surface with a blade or putty knife and then wipe it down with soap and warm water. Always use a non-abrasive cloth when cleaning and do not apply pressure heavier than the natural weight of your own hand to avoid dulling your surface.

We recommend that you DO NOT place hot pots and/or dishes directly on your quartz countertops. Extreme changes in temperature can cause thermal shocking resulting in clouding of the finish or actual cracking of your countertop.

To prolong the use of your knives, always use a cutting board. Cutting directly on quartz countertops could dull your knives or leave behind metal marks on your counters.